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Business Growth Specialist - Turnaround Expert - Management Resource Group - Southern California
(626) 824-5219
Management Resources Group - John Thrasher

Why "Your Corporate Sherpa"?

In the international climbing community, Sherpas are renowned for their hardiness, expertise and experience in high altitude mountaineering.

Like these Sherpas, Management Resources Group skillfully guides entrepreneurs through the challenges of taking your Company to new heights.

We provide hands-on assistance, not just advice. We come in, roll up our sleeves and get the hard work done. Management Resources Group will help you quickly and dramatically Enhance your Revenues, Profitability and Productivity.

We optimize your operations for Future Growth and, if you are pursuing an exit, we will guide you to prepare your company for a sale that maximizes your return.


  • Management Consulting.
  • Transition from entrepreneurship to professional management.
  • Profit enhancement, including expense control and increased productivity.
  • Turnaround management and restructuring.   


Interim Management

Serving firms dealing with:

  • Executive turnover
  • Rapid growth
  • Succession issues
  • Acquisitions or sale of all/part of company

. .

Contact us today to discuss the challenges confronting your business. There is no cost or obligation.


John Thrasher

Managing Director

(626) 824.5219 or


John Thrasher’s expertise was instrumental in transforming our situation from a business that was facing Chapter 7 bankruptcy into a new entity with greatly enhanced value that included equity stakes and employment contracts for the principals.

My company, DWA Composite Specialties, Inc., was the victim of embezzlement and fraud. Several advisors told us our only option was to file bankruptcy.  

John Thrasher was alone in believing we could save the company. John implemented a multi-pronged strategy that included protecting the company against further fraud, communicating with our bank, customers and key supplies, and ultimately bringing in new outside investment.

John used his extensive contacts and business relationships to bring to the table legal  professionals who had the skills and experience necessary to help our distressed business navigate the complex landscape it faced on a daily basis.

John laid the groundwork to prepare DWA to meet with sources of financing. He identified outside investors, and ultimately helped negotiate the sale of the company in a timely fashion.

Thanks in large measure to John’s advice and hands-on help, the new DWA emerged with strong ownership, a clean balance sheet, sufficient working capital, and with its customer base intact. 

Mark van den Bergh, President & CEO, DWA Aluminum Composites USA, Inc.

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