Why “Your Corporate Sherpa”?

In the international climbing community, Sherpas are renowned for their hardiness, expertise and experience in high altitude mountaineering. Like these Sherpas, Management Resources Group skillfully guides entrepreneurs through the challenges of taking your Company to new heights.

We provide hands-on assistance, not just advice. We come in, roll up our sleeves and get the hard work done. Management Resources Group will help you quickly and dramatically Enhance your Revenues, Profitability and Productivity.

We optimize your operations for Future Growth and, if you are pursuing an exit, we will guide you to prepare your company for a sale that maximizes your return.

Don’t Grow Your Business, Scale It

The objective of most entrepreneurs is to grow their business – more revenue, more profit, more output, more locations, more than whatever the competition is doing. And in general, growth is a good thing.

But it may not be the best thing, as an insightful article in Inc. Magazine points out. A better approach to expanding your company’s presence is to think in terms of “scaling” your operation, not just “growing” it.

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Lessons From The Recession

Consumer and business confidence indicators are rebounding, and in both the b-to-b and b-to-c sectors, it’s pretty clear that the worst of the Great Recession is behind us. But many companies had to learn important – and painful – lessons when times were hard, and these lessons should not be forgotten now that the economic environment is improving.

Here are some points worth remembering:

Inertia is always dangerous, and can be fatal. When the recession hit half a dozen years ago, many CEOs failed to acknowledge that the world around their company was changing, rapidly and dramatically. Continue reading

Has your Reality Check Bounced?

Given all the challenges of starting and running a company, you have to be an optimist to be an entrepreneur. That positive outlook is important. But it can often result in CEOs underestimating the magnitude of a problem when something goes wrong.

When you allow optimism to turn into self-deception, your decision-making process can get distorted. I call it letting your reality check bounce. Continue reading

The Pitfalls of Growth

One of the biggest challenges facing an entrepreneur or CEO is how to manage growth. Life would be so much easier if, at least for a while, nothing changed. But that doesn’t happen, because it can’t.

Your company’s external environment is always changing. Costs are rising, technology is advancing, competitors are introducing new products, your customers’ needs are changing, government is issuing new regulations, and so on.

To deal with that continually shifting array of challenges, growth is not only desirable, it is necessary. Businesses that are not growing are dying. Continue reading

It’s Not About Profit – It’s About Cash

When business conditions are tough, keeping a close eye on your company’s cash flow can be the difference between survival and bankruptcy. On the other hand, when business conditions are great and sales are growing like crazy, keeping a close eye on your company’s cash flow can be the difference between survival and bankruptcy.

Profit is important to Wall Street and the tax collector. But what your suppliers, landlord, employees and the electric utility care about is your ability to write a check that won’t bounce – that you have the cash you need, when you need it. Your company can be booking lots of profit but be short of cash to pay your bills, with catastrophic results. Continue reading